Delivery & Shipping Information

Product Delivery ONLY in INDIA

Please note that we will deliver products you ordered to a Postal Address Address Only in INDIA where postal delivery thru "Express Parcel Post" of Indian Postal Service is feasible.

Your order would be Processed & the product will be Shipped within 3 days of receipt of your payment using Express Parcel Post of the INDIAN POSTAL SERVICE and you should receive the products in approximately 7 to 10 working days depending on the distance of your location (from Pune) after you order has been processed.

If you still do not receive the product after 10 working days, then please contact us using the contact form on our contact us page.

Costing (including shipping) for the End Customer


Product MRP.

Special Price

Shipping & Handling  Charges

Total Cost

Per Bottle Landing Cost to Customer

Wheatgrass Powder 100 Gram - 1 Bottle Pack

Rs 350

Rs 280

Rs. 50

Rs. 330

Rs. 330 per bottle

Wheatgrass Powder 180 Gram - 1 Bottle Pack

Rs. 600

Rs. 500

Rs. 70

Rs. 570

Rs. 570 per bottle

Wheatgrass Powder 180 Gram - 2 Bottle Pack

Rs. 1200

Rs. 950

Rs. 100

Rs. 1,050

Rs. 525 per bottle
* Low Price Pack

Wheatgrass Powder 100 Gram - 6 Bottle Pack

Rs. 2100

Rs. 1650

Rs. 150

Rs. 1,800

Rs. 300 per bottle
* Super Saver Low Price Pack